Wednesday, 21 February 2018

St Valentine's Day

                              Happy Valentine's!

Pancake Tuesday

We hope you enjoyed your pancakes on Pancake Tuesday, room 2 sure did!

Drop Everything And Dance!

Friday has become a very busy day here at Scoil Mhuire. The Green School committee have initiated 'Drop Everything And Dance on Fridays'! 

In a bid to get us all moving more, the Green School committee take over the school intercom system and blast out a tune or two for us each Friday. When you hear the music, you must get up and dance!

Of course the boys and girls in room 2 have no problem with this, they're all avid movers and shakers! :-)

Maths Games

The boys and girls in room 2 love learning and what could be better than playing while you learn????? We have started a new initiative in Scoil Mhuire where Friday is Maths Fun Day. Every Friday at 11am all the classes do maths through games and playing. Have a look at the fun and learning that took place in our classroom.


                                                 Making peg board patterns

 Weighing and measuring, comparing light and heavy objects

                    Interactive whiteboard games

Science- Chromatography

The boys and girls in room 2 had great fun recently doing a science experiment...... using Skittles :-)

Chromatography, simply put, is a way of separating a mixture using a liquid.

In this case we used water to separate or take out the colours in Skittles. The results were very interesting..............

We arranges the skittles on a plate sitting in a few drops of water.

 Then we watched to see what would happen..........

The colours of the Skittles started to separate, making beautiful rainbow colours on the plate!


Here in room 2, we love being active and keeping fit! Everyone loves PE day, especially when we take out the parachute for a play! 

We shake it, spin it and even make a tent!

                            Everyone is hiding inside!


I'm a bit late posting pictures but wanted to share all the fun room 2 had when Santa came to visit just before our Christmas holidays! We sang carols, danced and some got to chat to Santa too!

St Valentine's Day

                              Happy Valentine's!