Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Infants were lucky enough to get a visit from some hedgehogs recently! Yvonne runs a hospital for sick hedgehogs and she brought some in to show the classes. The children got to learn all about hedgehogs- where they live, what they like to eat and when you would most likely see one. Check out our pictures below.........

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Santa's Workshop

 Our Aistear play corner has been turned into Santa's workshop for December. All the boys and girls in room two are having fun making toys for Santa to deliver and checking who is on the naughty list!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Square Dance

Room two have been learning all about shapes, yesterday, we were looking at square shaped things. The boys and girls were really getting into it. They even did "the square dance"! Have a look at the video below and I think you'll agree,  room two got moves!!!!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Making Butter!

The eager scientists of room two worked hard this week learning all about our food and where it comes from. Sure, we buy our food in the local supermarket but how does it get there and how is it made?????

Well, room two learnt all about the origins of milk, where it comes from and what other foods are made using milk.

We learnt that cream is the fatty part of milk and it can be used to make butter! 

All we needed was cream of course, a jar with a lid and a marble inside to help move the cream around the jar as it's shaken.

                      Add cream to the jar................

                   Then shake, shake, shake!

                         ...............Check and see

                  And viola! we made butter :-)

                         Now to taste it...........

                        Happy faces all round

Low Energy Day

As part of the Green Schools initiative, Scoil Mhuire works hard every year to maintain the green flags we have been awarded for operating a greener, more environmentally aware school. This means we are conscious of how much energy we consume and how much waste we as individuals and as a school generate. Together we work to be as efficient as possible, recycling, reusing and minimising our carbon footprint. To this end we held a low energy day at school last week, using- as far as possible no electricity. We had no lights in the corridors or classrooms, no white board to help us learn and no gadgets whatsoever! Not only did we save on our energy bill that day! but it also gave us an insight into how dependent we are on electricity to power our learning. 

We spent some time with the children in room three, reading books in the dark, using torches and mirrors to light our way!

A Trip to the Coffee Shop

Junior infants recently went on a trip to the Cafe at Clondalkin Leisure Centre. We had so much fun. As part of Aistear, the infants visited the coffee shop to see what goes on and to listen to some of the staff telling them all about their job. The purpose of the visit was to give the children real life experience of choosing a snack, handling money and completing an every day task independently. A huge part of the Aistear programme works to enhance oral language through talk and listen, giving the children new vocabulary. They then get to practice the new skills and use the language obtained during Aistear time in the classroom, in our Cafe corner.

                     Lined up and ready to go!

                     Enjoying their snack in the Cafe

           They also enjoyed a play in the playground afterwards!


Infants were lucky enough to get a visit from some hedgehogs recently! Yvonne runs a hospital for sick hedgehogs and she brought some in to ...